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Few things are more important to our future than a quality education for Kansas students. Governor Brownback recognizes this. School funding has increased by over 10% since he took office, and the State of Kansas now spends over $4 Billion on K-12 education. This record level of funding is aimed at putting students first, and Kansas students attend the 10th best school system in the country.

Governor Brownback realizes that teachers are critical to student success. He is glad to see that Kansas teachers have seen their average pay increase every year since he took office. Governor Brownback has fought to enhance local control over education by protecting school districts from excessive federal and state regulation.

Additionally, since Governor Brownback took office the state’s Career and Technical Education program has nearly tripled in size and is helping Kansas students to graduate with the technical skills necessary to achieve their goals. He has led the way in creating innovative programs, like the Kansas Reading Roadmap, to improve child literacy and ensure that every student has a solid foundation for their education. He helped to bring Jobs for America’s Graduates to Kansas, a program that targets students most at risk of dropping out of high school. JAG’s graduation rate is over 90% in Kansas, and this program is greatly improving the lives of these students.

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