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Governor Brownback has made Growing the Kansas Economy one of the top priorities of his administration. He is an advocate of free markets because he understands that they are best suited to achieve liberty and prosperity for all. This economic growth in turn leads to job creation, growing wages, and a higher quality of life all Kansans.

In pursuit of economic growth, he cut burdensome income taxes for all income tax paying Kansans while entirely eliminating income taxes for nearly 400,000 low-income Kansans. Small businesses, the engine of the state’s economy, had their income tax burden lifted in order to spur business development, investment, and hiring. At the same time, Governor Brownback simplified the tax code to make it more transparent. Governor Brownback also advocated for and signed into law the creation of Rural Opportunity Zones to expand the economy of rural Kansas.

These reforms have been successful despite difficult international headwinds facing the state’s agriculture, oil, and manufacturing markets. Since Governor Brownback took office, over 65,000 private sector jobs have been created. Kansas has set a record for new business filings every year since 2011 at a time when national startup businesses are on the decline. As a result of this economic growth, Kansas’ unemployment rate has remained below 5% for three years running. Annual wages for Kansans have increased by over 10% as well, putting more money in the pockets of Kansas families.

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