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The American Constitution and the Kansas Constitution both guarantee the citizens of our great state certain inalienable rights and freedoms. Governor Brownback has fought to protect these freedoms during his time in office. He has signed a number of bills designed to protect the 2nd Amendment rights of Kansans, including a bill signed in 2015 that guarantees each Kansan’s constitutional right to carry a firearm. A devout Catholic, Governor Brownback has been a staunch defender of religious liberty. He issued an Executive Order guaranteeing the religious liberty of all Kansans in the face of burdensome government regulation.

Governor Brownback has fought to protect Kansas against the overreaches of federal regulations. After Obamacare wreaked havoc on the American healthcare marketplace, Governor Brownback signed the Interstate Healthcare Compact to promote flexibility and individual liberty in healthcare. Reforms made to our health care system not only curbed costs, but kept numerous regulations from interfering with the doctor-patient relationship. Governor Brownback has repeatedly fought back against overregulation from the EPA and WOTUS laws.

Fighting for Kansas includes keeping Kansas safe. Governor Brownback led the fight against the Obama administration’s efforts to relocate Guantanamo Bay detainees to Kansas. He also removed Kansas from the federal refugee resettlement program after it became clear that the federal government could not guarantee security when bringing in refugees from nations that are state sponsors of terrorism. At the same time, we improved pay scales and benefits for law enforcement and correctional officers in Kansas, ensuring we continue to attract talented individuals into public safety.

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