Fellow Kansans,

ObamaCare is locked in a death spiral – a reality acknowledged by President Trump and insurance executives alike. The expansive entitlement program is collapsing under its own bureaucratic weight, but the Kansas legislature is demanding its way into the failing program. By voting to expand Medicaid earlier this week, the Kansas legislature opted for giving handouts to able-bodied adults before the needy, swelling the state’s budget, and increasing funding for Planned Parenthood.

Governor Brownback vetoed that ObamaCare expansion today.

This veto ensures resources are sent to the truly vulnerable. This veto shields taxpayers from an unrestrainable ballooning budget. This veto protects extra taxpayer dollars from funneling to Planned Parenthood and their trafficking of baby body parts. These core policy principles are underscored by efforts in Washington D.C. to begin dismantling ObamaCare. The policy is failing – Kansas should not join now.

The Governor spelled out his reasons for closing the door on Medicaid expansion and you can read it here in full.

Melika Willoughby
Communications Director
Office of Governor Sam Brownback