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Smaller paycheck, bigger government

Fellow Kansans, The 2017 legislative session is now over, but the pain to your pocketbook is just beginning. This legislature made history, to the tune of a $1.2 billion tax hike on working Kansans. Then, they did it again, this time with a $13.2 billion budget. Let...

ObamaCare expansion vetoed

Fellow Kansans, ObamaCare is locked in a death spiral – a reality acknowledged by President Trump and insurance executives alike. The expansive entitlement program is collapsing under its own bureaucratic weight, but the Kansas legislature is demanding its way into...

A story of growth

This is a grassroots newsletter sent to Kansans statewide. Sign up to receive these grassroots updates in your inbox.   Fellow Kansans, Job-creators matter. Two out of every three Kansans know first-hand the importance of small businesses—because that’s where they...

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