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Brownback’s Budget

This is a grassroots newsletter sent to Kansans statewide. Sign up to receive these grassroots updates in your inbox.   Fellow Kansans, The hypocrisy is deafening. You may have recently noticed a peculiar turn in media coverage of Governor Brownback. For the last six...

Human Rights & Kansas Courts

Fellow Kansans, Last Friday—the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade—Kansas was again at the forefront of the battle for life. Respecting the dignity, beauty, and value of every life, Governor Brownback has enacted pro-life legislation each year he’s been in office. For...

Socialism and Reality

Fellow Kansans, During his latest swing through the Midwest, self-avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders hurled a trite insult at Governor Brownback. “In Kansas, you’ve got a governor who likes to beat up on the poor,” flung Sanders, making reference to welfare...

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