Lt. Governor Tracey Mann earlier this evening participated in a Hanukkah celebration at the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. Lt. Governor Mann, along with various members of the State Legislature, joined by members of the Jewish communities across the state gathered for this special Hanukkah celebration. 

“I was honored to participate in this wonderful event that means so much to so many people in Kansas and across the world,” said Lt. Governor Mann. “Every year, Hanukkah is a symbol of the resilience and faithfulness of the Jewish people and it was special to me to be included in this celebration.”

The program included the menorah lighting ceremony and remarks by the Lt. Governor, followed by festive music and traditional holiday foods of latkes and jelly donuts, Chanukah “Gelt” and special activities for the children.

In the wake of the tragic anti-semitic attack in Pittsburgh, Erica Zabusky, a member of the Pittsburgh Jewish community who was present at the Tree of Life synagogue during the weekend of the attack was on hand to kindle the flames as well, to show that one little candle can dispel much darkness.

“The lighting of the menorah at the State Capitol is a wonderful symbol of the religious freedom that is the hallmark of Kansas and of this great country,” said Rabbi Zalman Tiechtel. “We are honored that the State Capitol hosted this meaningful celebration.”