Topeka – Governor Sam Brownback today issued the following statement calling for action from legislators regarding cybersecurity:

“Our digital age demands diligence on the new frontier of cybersecurity. As a state, vigilance requires adequate measures be taken to protect the personal data of citizens against attack. We recently witnessed one of the increasingly sophisticated challenges launched against data systems worldwide with an attack that crippled much of Europe.

“To fortify the State of Kansas against similar attacks, I included funding for cybersecurity in my budget proposal. But equally important is granting our Chief Information Technology Officer the authority necessary to preserve, enhance, and secure our state’s digital infrastructure.

“My administration has been working with both chambers since the beginning of this legislative session to pass this critical measure. The Kansas House has already passed HB 2331 with bipartisan support, propelling Kansas cybersecurity into the 21st Century. It is time for the legislature to send this bill to my desk. We need these protections to become law in Kansas this year.”