Governor Sam Brownback today invited individuals and organizations representing a broad cross section of schools, advocacy groups and other stakeholder across the state to join him in developing a new school funding system that supports a high-quality education for our students and which is sustainable and predictable for schools and the state.

The Governor was joined by Chairman of the Kansas State Board of Education, Jim McNiece and Kansas Commissioner of Education, Dr. Randy Watson in making today’s announcement.

Statement from Governor Sam Brownback:

“It is time for us to work together to develop a school funding system that works for Kansas students, their parents and educators. I look forward to hearing from educators, parents, administrators and stakeholders from across the state. The time for school finance reform is now.

“I am confident that the expertise brought to this process by Jim, Randy and others throughout the educational community will help us develop an education system that works for all Kansas students.”

Statement from Kansas Commissioner of Education Dr. Randy Watson:

“We appreciate the governor giving us the opportunity to represent the needs of Kansas’ K-12 education system. The work of our schools and the needs of our students have changed tremendously over the years, and we need a funding system that is responsive to these changes. Last October, we launched our Kansans Can initiative to reach the state board’s goal that Kansas leads the world in the success of each student. Creating a new funding system is a critical step toward achieving that vision.”

Statement from Chairman of the Kansas State Board of Education Jim McNiece:

“It’s important that we get this right. Kansas children deserve a school funding system that provides the resources needed to ensure their success as adults. I look forward to being a part of that conversation.”

The Governor looks forward to working with the Legislature when it returns in January to address the issue of school funding. The Governor said he does not intend to extend the block grant which was always meant to be a temporary measure to replace an outdated funding formula.


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