Governor Sam Brownback today issued a statement calling for civility and respect in political discourse.

“The American political tradition of free speech during elections is unique in history and across the world today,” said Governor Brownback. “Speech in the public square should reflect who we are as a nation, and those pursuing public service should hold themselves to a high standard of integrity and respect.”

“Recently, the Gold Star parents of Captain Humayun Khan spoke of the ultimate sacrifice paid by their son on the Iraqi battlefield of the War on Terror. Their story is a gripping testament of the price paid by the families of military members who nobly choose to defend their country and the ideas for which it stands. The courage and pain of Khizr and Ghazala Khan should be honored by all Americans.”

“Indulgence in personal political attacks has not been limited to the national discussion. Here in Kansas, there have been instances of false and malicious attacks on the character of candidates. These smears have no place in political debate. Candidates must abandon this repugnant tactic. Discussions of political and policy differences are healthy, but character assassination harms families and the structure of our political system. I encourage Kansans to head to the polls tomorrow to participate in the privilege of free and open elections.”

A brief audio clip from this statement on civility and respect is available.