Governor Jeff Colyer announced today the beginning of new projects in the two most populous Kansas counties, that will increase capacity and allow for continued growth in Kansas.

The “green project” on I-235 in Sedgwick county, and a preservation project on I-35 at 75th Street in Johnson County are together an estimated $80 million investment in safer, more modern roads and reduced congestion on vital commercial corridors.

“Kansas is growing, and improving our transportation system will keep our state heading in the right direction as we continue to modernize of our roads and bridges so they last well in to the future,” said Gov. Colyer.

The $65 million project on the I-235 corridor will replace pavement that is now over 50 years old as well as structurally deficient bridges over the Little Arkansas River and the functionally obsolete bridges over Arkansas Avenue and Broadway Avenue. It will also add continuous auxiliary lanes on I-235 and improve ramp geometry at the Broadway Interchange. The project lets in January, 2019 and construction is scheduled to start in the spring of 2019.

“This I-235 intersection has long been identified as a key part of our economy and we are delighted Governor Colyer has decided to move this project forward. The end result will be a much smoother commute for our residents and businesses,” said Wichita Vice Mayor Brian Fry.

“This phase sets us up for the next phase of repairing the north interchange. Transportation is the lifeblood of economic development. I sincerely thank the state of Kansas for making this announcement today,” said Sedgwick County Commissioner David Dennis.

In Johnson County, Gov. Colyer announced a $15 million freight project that will address congestion on I-35 at 75th Street, widening the road to four lanes in both directions. This project lets in December, 2019 with construction set to start in Spring, 2020.

“This project has great regional impact for us both economically and environmentally as we will be able to get cars moving through that area rather than idling in traffic,” said Mayor of Lenexa Michael Boehm, “We are happy to step forward and be part of this partnership.”

“Sedgwick and Johnson Counties are vital to Kansas economy,” said Gov. Colyer, “These projects invest directly into growth and infrastructure that will leave a lasting impact on Kansas.”