Topeka – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback today issued the following statement on the tax plan of Kansas Senate Leadership:

“Senator Wagle’s tax plan needlessly harms the real people that serve as the lifeblood of Kansas. It punishes the middle class—teachers, police officers, and nurses—working hard to provide for their families and serve their communities. It punishes job-creators, the backbone of our Kansas economy. Most egregious is the burden this plan puts on the poor by reinstating income taxes on 388,000 of the poorest Kansans, already struggling to make ends meet.

My budget and tax plan solve the challenges of today, and provide sustainable answers for the future, while still trusting Kansans with the economic freedom to make their own decisions with their hard earned money.”

The Senate Leadership’s proposed tax plan would increase the individual income tax burden for a middle school teacher by $128.88, a police officer by $120.42, and a registered nurse by $156.48.

Protecting Kansas Families