Topeka – On July 1, 2013, Kansas will have a newly vacant position on the Kansas Court of Appeals.  The 14th position will be the first to be filled through the “federal process” approved by the 2013 Kansas Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Sam Brownback.

The new law requires the clerk of the Kansas Supreme Court to give prompt notice of a vacancy to the governor, who must then make an appointment within 60 days.  

If the governor does not make the appointment within 60 days, the chief justice of the Supreme Court will appoint a qualified person for the position.

The Kansas Senate must vote to confirm the appointment within 60 days of being received.  If the Senate is not in session and will not be in session within the 60-day time limit, it must confirm the appointment within 20 days of the next session.  If the Senate fails to vote within the time limit, its consent will be deemed given.  If the appointee does not receive a majority vote in the Senate, the governor would appoint another qualified person within 60 days, and the same consent procedure would be followed.

The Governor’s office already has received a number of applications for the 14th Court of Appeals position.  Any qualified Kansan interested in the position must apply through the Governor’s Office of Appointments online at