EXECUTIVE ORDER 18-13 Transparency Regarding Licensing and Certification Requirements

WHEREAS, thousands of Kansans who have served criminal penalties subsequently return to their homes and communities across Kansas seeking potential employment opportunities; and

WHEREAS, individuals who have completed their sentences and have paid their debts to society are deserving of a second chance in life and a helping hand as they seek to reenter society; and

WHEREAS, individuals with criminal records often experience obstacles that increase the difficulties associated with successfully reentering society; and

WHEREAS, gainful employment is a significant factor for success in reducing recidivism rates and providing financial stability among former offenders; and

WHEREAS, individuals seeking to obtain state licenses, certifications, or other registrations necessary to obtaining employment in their chosen profession or area of work should be able to obtain information clearly stating the requirements to obtain such a license, certification, or other registration, including whether criminal history or other prior legal issues are disqualifying factors; and

WHEREAS, the Legislature has passed, and I have on this day signed into law, Senate Substitute for Senate Substitute for House Bill 2386, which requires state boards and commissions with authority over licensing, certification, and like matters  to list the specific civil and criminal records that could disqualify applicants.

NOW THEREFORE, pursuant to the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Kansas, I hereby order as follows:

  1. Within one hundred eighty (180) days of the effective date of Section 1 of Senate Substitute for Senate Substitute for House Bill 2386, all Executive Branch departments, agencies, boards, and commissions under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Governor and Section 1 of the Bill, which have the legal authority to issue any license, certification, or other registration that may be required as a condition of employment, shall publicly disclose in a prominent place on their websites the “list,” as required by Section 1 of the Bill, of the specific civil and criminal legal records or matters that could disqualify an applicant from receiving a license, certification, or other registration.


  1. This Order is intended to supplement existing laws and regulations concerning State of Kansas licensing, certification, or other registration practices, and shall not be interpreted to in any way diminish such laws and regulations. The Order is not intended to create any new right or benefit enforceable against the State of Kansas.